Round 10 Match Review 30.6.2019

Under 8s

Coach – Annalise Tumbas

Assistant Coach – Lleyton

Under 8’s “WHAT A FANTASTIC GAME” . Well done boys today we really pulled it together we had first a time goal kicker. We had some awesome mid field contests and most of all you all had fun. But the most important and proud moment today was when we decided as a team (that was made mention by Mitch) that we allow the opposition to get a chance at kicking goals in that last quarter… this again has shown such growth in these boys … and as a coach it’s these moments that I get to keep as season stand outs. Well done fantastic sportsmanship. As well as skill development we are also developing our minds… NO TRAINING this Wednesday as none of the other teams are have a well deserved break and see you the following Wednesday 😃

The meaning of COBRA

In ancient times, especially in Egypt, the cobra has been used to symbolize hidden wisdom.

Under 10s

Coach – Shane Hughes/ Andrew McDonald

Assistant Coach – Jayden Frazer

under 13s

Coach: Shane Crew

Assistant Coach: Andrew McDonald

Cora Lynn: 2.1 .13

Endeavour Hills: 5.8.38

Goals: Taylor Barry, Zac Taylor

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Under 14s

Coach – James Perkins

Assistant Coach – Kent Edwards (Dids)

The Under 14s finally had a home game at Cora Lynn up against Berwick Springs. In a must win match to stay in contact with the top 4, the boys started off OK with both sides kicking early goals, however soon after Berwick Springs were able to open up a 4 goal lead at half time. With our season on the line the boys responded in the 3rd, but couldn’t find the big sticks and could only manage a few behinds to close the gap to 20pts with a quarter to play.

Whilst not impossible we needed to kick four unanswered goals in the last, with Berwick Springs starting to tire, we continued to apply forward pressure and got back within a kick with 3 minutes to play, In a tense final few moments Kade was able to take a mark in the goal square and level up the scores with 15seconds to play. To the boys credit to keep Berwick Springs scoreless in the second half and come away with the draw was a great effort by the entire team and with four games remaining the boys still have the opportunity to play finals in 2019.

Cora Lynn: 4.8.32

Berwick Springs: 5.2.32

Goals: Kade Perkin 3, Stuart Sharlott 1

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