Round 9 Match Review 23.6.2019

Winter definitely hit today with freezing conditions and lots of fog! Our Under 8s, 10s and 13s all hosted games this week at home, while the under 14s played away – at Endeavour Hills. 

Under 8s

Coach – Annalise Tumbas

Assistant Coach – Lleyton

U8’s well done today it was a very close game and it was rough, please understand we are playing many different teams with many different skill levels and mentors… so we need to be aware that if we are playing our best game and complying by the rules then we are being the best team we can be… it’s good to remember that as we can’t control the way other people behave we can however control the way we react to it and today the boys really held it together, that shows me that over this season they have learned this self control on the football field and that alone show’s growth and resilience in these young boys, we are growing in skills abilities and mindset and that’s what winners do.

Under 10s

Coach – Shane Hughes/ Andrew McDonald

Assistant Coach – Jayden Frazer

Today the under tens played tooradin at home. The kids really have started to turn the corner as a team and are starting to play some good passages of football. Although today wasn’t our day on the score board it is great to see how far this team has come together. Hold you heads up kids because it is so pleasing to see you kids starting to play together. Make sure we all get to training and keep up the hard work.

Under 13s

Coach: Shane Crew

Assistant Coach: Andrew McDonald

Under 13s played Cranbourne blue today a team that has came down from division 1.

For 3 quarters we showed that we can be competitive with the best.. great tackling pressure all round the ground unfortunately they got the better of us and went down by 86 points.. better players today Jayden,  Kyran,  Zac,  Kirk and special mention to Chevy and Taylor for there tackle pressure.

Cora Lynn: 0.1.1

Cranbourne: 13.9.87

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Under 14s

Coach – James Perkins

Assistant Coach – Kent Edwards (Dids)

The Under 14s travelled to Endeavour Hills, Coming off a great win last week the boys were keen to test themselves against the benchmark of the competition.

The boys battled hard throughout the day but struggled to convert effort into reward on the scoreboard. Unfortunately we fell short by 49 points against a slick Endeavour Hills team, however the boys should take confidence that unlike previous weeks they competed strongly over the entire four quarters.

Endeavour Hills: 8.9.57

Cora Lynn: 1.1.7

Goals: Jonah Iosefo

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